A Balance Bike Gift is your Kid’s Best Gift for Christmas

A New Balance Bike Gift For Christmas? Here’s Why.

Christmas is around the corner and I’m sure as a parent you want to make this year perfect for you kid. It is never early to start shopping for your kid’s gift. If anything, it helps make a good choice that will excite your young one. You do not need the last minute rush to shop for a gift because it will be expensive and you may get it all wrong with the choice of gift you end up settling for. Do you want to give the best gift for Christmas to your kid? I have a great suggestion for you. A balance bike would be the perfect choice. It is time to move away from the conventional Christmas gifts to your kids and get something bold and out of the ordinary pool of presents. I have listed for you the benefits of balance bike as the best present for your child’s Christmas.

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  • It is something they will remember

The bike is something which will be there even after the end of the festive season. The kid will have it whenever they wish to ride. If you want your child to remember this day and what you did for them then a balance bike is the best gift for Christmas. You will find it fulfilling if your young one keeps telling you how happy they were when you got them a bike.

  • You Can Afford It

This bike is something you can comfortably buy and not break your bank account. With $100 you will have a good bike for your kid. It is that cheap to get the bike and the good news is that the kid will have it for long time to come and you will always feel that you spent wisely.

  • Gives your Kid Freedom

Sometimes you have to give your kid some sense of freedom of try things out on their own. I know keeping them by your side ensures their safety but you need to let them have their way and learn to be themselves from an early age. A balance bike is the best prize that will start off your kid into freedom. As long they learn to ride by the themselves, you can let them get away from your sight but just not far away.

  • They Become Confident

Confidence just like freedom is instilled in a child from a young age. They need to learn that they can be able to do things on their own. They want to be trained how to face situations with confidence. Buy your child a bike for Christmas and start the long journey towards growing their confidence. If they learn to ride, they will want to learn more other things. They will want to try things out of their own comfort. This is an excellent way to start the confidence cycle in your kid and you will have a courageous son or daughter in the future.

They learn the art of balance at an early age

Learning to balance is a very important skill in life. It creates order in whatever things someone is doing. You have the earliest chance to usher in your young one into balancing if you can get them a balance bike for their Christmas gift.

  • It bolsters your kid’s skills

You never know what your kid will become in the future. That is why it is prudent to throw good challenges their way even from their earliest years. A balance bike will test your kid’s skills as well improve on the ones they are not good at. Get your kid a bike this Christmas and initiate in them the process of learning essential life skills.

What to look for when selecting the best balance Bike Gift for your Kid

Yes I know form far that balance bikes look simple. But do not be duped into believing that any piece will be the best for your kid. There are things you have to look out for before you make the decision to buy a bike for your kid. Here are the things you should look for if the gift is to be the best for your kid’s Christmas.

The tires

We are talking about a kid who needs to be safe on a bike. You have to get the right kind of tires depending on the surfaces your kid will ride the bike. There are 4 types of tires for a balanced bike. Air tires are the best for all-surface since they give the best traction and cushioning. Knobby-treaded air tires are suitable for all terrains if your kid is an aggressive rider who will want to adventure far from home. The standard street treads are good for paved ways like within your home compound. Choose the kind of tire having in mind where your young one will ride the bike.

Seat height

How old is your kid? This is an important question to ask yourself before you buy them a bike present for Christmas. A bike for one-year old would not be ideal for a kid who is 5 years old. The bike’s seat height range from 10” to 26.5” and you choose based on your child’s age and their inseam. With the age of your child, you will get a bike size that will be perfect.

Reliable brakes

For safety first, the bike you buy needs to have brakes. The primary way of stopping these bikes is by use of feet but a kid will need something extra just in case their feet do not come in handy when they need to stop. Reliable brakes will help them to keep them safe and the bike steady before they start riding.

Reasonable weight

It is a rule of the thump that a kid’s bike should not be more that 30% of their body weight. Otherwise it will become too heavy for them and make them more vulnerable to injuries. You need a piece that your kid will be able to handle even when you are not with them. For a 2-year old, a 25lb bike is good while a 3.5 year old will be comfortable with a 35lb balance bike

Firm grips

Handlebar grips are another way of ensuring your kid’s safety with your bike Christmas gift. Knobby rubber grips are touted as the best for you kid.